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Our Prizewinners

Siri Strømsnes (Department of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies) and Dr. Beate Abel (Department of English I) were awarded the Teaching Prize 2017 for their excellent engagement in teaching by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof Monika Schausten. (image: Marlène Tencha)

The teaching prize is awarded to teachers who have achieved the best results in their teaching evaluation in the respective academic year. This is measured by the highest student satisfaction. The following criteria are taken into account when selecting the winners of the teaching award: the overall grade as well as the number and type of courses offered and the number of participants are taken into account. Since all subjects of the faculty are evaluated on a regular basis, all teachers - irrespective of their status - have a chance of winning the prize. The award ceremony takes place on Faculty Day or within the framework of a faculty sitting.

Here you will find a list of the teaching award winners since 2006:




Dr. Beate Abel, Department of English I

Siri Strømsnes, Department of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies



Marie Bellec, Department of Romance Languages

Dr. Monika Tautz, Department of Catholic Theology


Dr. Tanja Weber, Institute of Media Culture and Theatre

Prof. Dr. Thomas Nisters, Department of Philosophy


Dr. Kirsten Schindler, IDSL II

Frank Kirchhoff, IDSL I


Rebecca Buchbender, Department of English I

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Richter, Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology


Dr. Gwennie Debergh, Institute for Dutch Language and Literature

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Ullmann, Department of History

Prof. Dr. Andreas Michel, Department of Catholic Theology


Dr. Georg Sachse, Institute for Linguistics

Cristina Mondaza Peral, Department of Romance Languages


Dr. Ingo Breuer, IDSL I

Dr. Angela Mielke, IDSL I

Prof. Dorothea Schulz, Ph.D., Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology


PD Dr. Salvatore Ortisi, Archaeological Institute

Matthias Schumacher M.A., Department of Classical Studies


Dr. Michaela Ripping, Institute of Slavic Studies

René Michaelsen M.A., Institute of Musicology


Prof. Dr. Gerrit J. Dimmendaal, African Studies


Prof. Dr. Marja Järventausta, Finnish Studies