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Complaint Management

"On the other hand, the teachers regularly treat the students with trust and friendly service. Advice and information are not readily denied to those who speak to them. Those who do not allow themselves to be deterred from seeking a closer relationship, either due to shyness or indolence, will not easily be deprived of it if they prove themselves worthy of such a relationship through seriousness and competence."

Friedrich Paulsen, Die deutschen Universitäten und das Universitätsstudium (1902)


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities strives to offer its students an attractive and high-quality range of courses. This requires the joint efforts of all those involved.

The Dean assumes final responsibility for the implementation of an orderly range of courses. The Quality Management Office sees supporting the Dean in this as one of its most important tasks. Information about problems of all kinds are an important source for the continuous improvement of our courses.

In the spirit of cooperative collaboration, we ask all participants to point out weak points or problems to the Office for Quality Management that could impair the quality of teaching.

The following are often named as typical problem areas:


  • the rooms offered for the courses are not suitable;
  • technical equipment is inadequate;
  • libraries are deficient.

Service & Information

  • jurisdiction is not always transparent;
  • information about organisational processes or procedures of degree programs;
  • study and examination regulations are incomplete or incorrect;
  • issues with politeness;
  • the opening hours of libraries and secretariats are inandequate;
  • there are too few or unreliable office hours;
  • queries are not answered.


  • there are too few or too many courses of a specific type on offer;
  • dates of courses often overlap;
  • the range of courses on offer is unbalanced with regard to the spectrum of a subject;
  • requirements are not transparent;
  • the oral or written feedback on examinations is perceived as insufficient;
  • the correction of assignments or other examination papers takes too long;
  • teachers seems unprepared for their courses.